Sunday, March 21, 2010

More old skool talk

I was checking out more of my grandfather's cool vintage reels and was admiring the beautiful workmanship on the reels. You just don't see stuff like this today on the mass marketed gear that is pumped out of "who knows where" and sold on the shelves of your local shop. Just look at these two Penn reels...the Surfmaster and Squidder. That's a pretty neat image on there. These days it's all about shiny...everything has to be shiny and bright! I don't know...these images give the reel some pretty neat character with a few shiny screw heads and chrome here and there.

I guess these days the reel companies are putting photo images on reels and that's pretty cool too. I've seen some neat custom etching that is starting to come out on a few Abel fly reels but those will cost you a few extra bucks. Ahhhhhhh, the good ol' days...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Old Skool...old spool

Yikes, it's been way too long but fishing season is right around the corner so this should kick off many more blogs to come! I'll start by taking a trip into the past. I was recently given some vintage tackle that used to be my grandfathers. Now, my grandfather was a surgeon and as far as I knew he never went fishing. Well, at least he knew how to buy gear! Most of it's in pretty pristine condition and hardly used. Do I use it or keep it all in good shape? And the manuals that came with the gear is classic! Check it out!

I can honestly say that the times have changed! No more suits and dress shoes on the boat these days. It's all quick dry shorts, bikinis and SPF!!! But I'll wear a suit if it means I can catch something like this beast!

And how about the prices back then! This little gem coast $1.10...what can you buy for that little these days in a tackle shop? Maybe a little tide chart if you're lucky.

Um, does that really say...712lb tuna? I'd be over the side of the boat trying to haul that beast in! Sashimi for everyone!!!!

And check out the sweet suit on this "gentleman" in this surf casting demo in the manual.

Penn Reels...only the best for my grandfather! Catalog #16...wonder what # they're up to these days? 5,394????

Ok, getting to the good stuff...tackle! Not an ounce of rust on this thing. Clearly it never hit the water. Wonder how well it works...

This Hawaiian wiggler looks like a classic bass lure. Might have to take it out at Lake Hodges some day and give it a try.

Liquid gold...reel oil for keeping everything in tip top shape!

I'll probably change the line out on this one before casting at any big fish with it. Still runs smooth though.

Yet another rust...maybe grandpa didn't really fish!