Sunday, May 2, 2010

Don't forget Nawlins...

In light of all that HAS happened with Katrina and IS happening down in New Orleans with the BP oil spill I found it appropriate to share some of my experiences down there with the fishing community. I've been to Nawlins to fly fish for redfish and met some incredible people one of whom was the gentleman who married my husband and I, Captain Gregg Arnold. Gregg and his wife are two of the most gracious people I have ever met and give until there is no more to family AND friends. Gregg is a redfish guide and has already seen the destruction of his livelihood when Katrina came through but is now about to experience an oil spill that may just shut down redfishing and all activities related to that wonderful stretch of coast line for many, many years...some say forever.

Here are a few photos that sum up my experiences with Captain Gregg and some of the other wonderful people who we have met in Nawlins. I don't know what they are going to do during and after this spill but hopefully their lives are not ruined. This is a precious and fragile ecosystem that is about to be smothered by oil. It makes me so sad to know that it is on the brink of such a horrible catastrophe.

Whatever happens...we can't forget Nawlins, the people who live there and the creatures that inhabit her coastline.

For the many redfish tales that have been woven on the flats south of Nawlins...

One of my biggest reds!

Conway hooking up along the banks

A true Nawlins treat!

The marsh on approach from the plane...will this ever look like this again?

Hopedale at dawn...

The boys who fish for big reds...

Some of the wonderful birdlife from the marsh

Enjoying a beignet at Cafe Du Monde with Capt. Gregg Arnold...perhaps touristy but so good and you can't beat the company!

Capt. Gregg's house special...fresh shrimp with cayanne, salt, pepper, butter and lime...cooked to perfection and finger licking good. Each person is served up a bowl of shrimp with a fresh baguette to soak up the butter. DELICIOUS! Do not serve this to your cardiologist!

I believe this was my first red...2007

Nawlins classic even after Katrina.

And of course, oysters on the half shell...

And my favorite...boiled crawdads with cold beer on a hot night with live Nawlins jazz playing in the background. I really does not get ANY better than this!